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A STEM Adventure Book aimed to engage and educate students in a fun way

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MOVE at the Atlanta Science Festival's Exploration Expo

Inspiring the Innovators of Tomorrow: Sparking Imagination, Fueling Curiosity

STEM on the MOVE is the educational outreach arm of MOVE Community Outreach.  STEM on the MOVE showcases how the MOVE trucks go beyond disaster relief. The trucks are real-world example of how STEM skills can be used for the greater good.  Through engaging workshops, interactive demonstrations, and community events, the MOVE trucks spark interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics among attendees, and inspires the next generation to explore.

By leveraging IEEE’s extensive network of experts, partners, and volunteers, the MOVE Trucks form a powerful ecosystem that combines humanitarian aid with educational opportunities. It paves the way for IEEE’s engineers to showcase their problem-solving skills and utilizes the solutions they develop to help others.



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