MOVE: Bringing emergency relief and education where it’s needed most.

Coronavirus Outbreak. Lockdown and school closures. Indian school kids girl watching online education classes at home. COVID-19 pandemic forces children online learning.

Piloted in hurricane regions, using a customized heavy-duty truck platform, the IEEE MOVE program has a two-fold mission:

MOVE is primarily a Mobile Emergency Relief Program

The MOVE program is committed to assisting victims of and responders to natural disasters with short-term communications, computer, and power solutions. These temporary emergency relief provisions help people stay connected and ensure access to the help they need. Services include internet service, mobile phone charging, and providing lighting.

IEEE volunteers can also provide technical assistance on site during the initial disaster recovery phase.

MOVE also provides STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) Education Outreach

When not deployed for disaster relief efforts, the IEEE MOVE vehicle is taken to schools, fairs, and other venues to educate the public—showcasing leading technologies and raising awareness about the positive impact these technologies have
on society.

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