MAY 9, 2023


The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) MOVE International-Puerto Rico program is preparing for disaster response. The MOVE-Mobile Community Outreach program provides assistance in disaster events with the Red Cross across the United States mainland, Puerto Rico, internationally in India. In Puerto Rico, emergency kits with electric generators, solar panels, and radios are available. After Hurricane Fiona, these kits were deployed in Toa Baja and Guayanilla.

This last weekend, two prototype antennas designed by colleagues from IEEE-MOVE USA were tested in Puerto Rico on May 6 and 7 to conduct communications tests. The Near Vertical Incidence Skywave (NVIS) propagation method was used to communicate across the main island in a disaster situation when power and other communications infrastructure is not working.

Three universities in Puerto Rico joined these efforts: San Juan Polytechnic University, University of Puerto Rico Ponce Campus, and Mayagüez Campus. Several members of the country’s amateur radio community also supported this initiative.


Antenna Tests – Register and Join Us!

IEEE MOVE USA and MOVE Puerto Rico are working together to test prototypes of antennas on the main island. This will help to have better communication in case of a disaster and will complement the emergency kits that we created to help the Red Cross in their response.

On this day we will test the antennas in three different locations in Puerto Rico yet to be determined.

This event corresponds to the antenna test after installation. The tests will start on Saturday, May 6, and will end on Sunday, May 7. This Sunday we will also pick up our materials.


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IEEE MOVE Puerto Rico deployment update

Testing the modular equipment, to support one of the Red Cross clients attention point in Guayanilla, Puerto Rico. They will serve as back up as the power is unstable in that area as well.



First Deployments of the Kits IEEE MOVE Puerto Rico

Testing the equipment on a site with open air at Toa Baja Puerto Rico. We had a power cord that came from near Church, and we connected the inverter in case they lost power.  It worked perfectly.

The American Red Cross DST managers have been very supportive with IEEE MOVE Puerto Rico.   They continue helping us for testing the equipment and the logistics to do so in the DRO.

Also, other DST members in the DRO have been available to help us. We trained them on how to use the equipment. One colleague even helped to label all the items.

Volunteer Signup / Resources

We are currently seeking volunteers to join our team. Disaster relief, STEM education, and public visibility are our main focus at this time.

  • Volunteer Interest Form – Click HERE to Sign Up to Volunteer.



IEEE MOVE Puerto Rico Deployment update
Here are some of the photos of the preparation of the teams before activating us in the disaster recovery efforts of the Hurricane Fiona aftermath in Puerto Rico.

The first photos are in the preparation of the boxes to put the equipment in them. The photos in the American Red Cross (DRO) are us acting as Disaster Service Technology (DST) lending equipment to volunteers and receiving equipment for inventory.

In the photos: Magdiel Mojica, Loderay Bracero and Francisco Carrero (DR823-23)

To support IEEE MOVE with our recovery efforts, please donate through following link .


Due to the Tropical Storm Fiona  we are preparing the first kit for deployment. Here are some pictures of the preparation of the emergency kits. We will continue posting more details. Thank you all!


Hurricane Simulation Meeting July 2022-MOVE Puerto Rico

IEEE MOVE Puerto Rico  participated on the Hurricane Season Simulation Meeting since yesterday. Christian Figueroa and Lorena did an excellent job representing us in this meeting. Also, thanks to the support of Red Cross Puerto Rico Chapter.

MOVE Puerto Rico Event table at the WIE ILS Summit PR and Caribbean Section

Thanks to the WIE Puerto Rico invitation, members of MOVE Puerto Rico organized an event table to tell our story at the WIE ILS Summit:

Special thanks to MOVE USA, Mary Ellen Randall and Melody Richardson  for sending us the magnets and STEM books for the kids.

Volunteers present: Thank you for representing us!

Christian Figueroa, Magdiel Mojica and Lorena Ramos

IEEE-MOVE Puerto Rico members received Red Cross recognition

We wanted to share that during the Spring Semester 2022, IEEE Members of Puerto Rico and Caribbean Section active on MOVE-Puerto Rico received recognition due to their first deployment (February 2022) and their work as Volunteer Connection Profile Managers inside the Puerto Rico Red Cross Chapter.

February Deployment

Abigail Teron, Lorena Ramos, Jenifer Castillo, Christian Correa, Francisco Carrero y Loderay Bracero

Volunteer Profile Managers and Technical Assistance to other Red Crossers
Loderay Bracero-Marrero, Christian Figueroa and Andrea Valenzuela

Congratulations to all!


MOVE Puerto Rico participated in the June MOVE-USA Newsletter with the article titled:  Puerto Rico is completing the emergency kits and
recently started the radio efforts 

“We have organized and participated in virtual events to show the progress of MOVE Puerto Rico. In February, during this Spring semester, we called for volunteers for our first team meeting inside the IEEE Puerto Rico and Caribbean Section (PR & Caribbean). In March, MOVE Puerto Rico and MOVE USA showed a summary in a virtual event organized by the PR & Caribbean section. We also enjoyed participating in the MOVE Town Hall together with colleagues from MOVE USA and MOVE India. Each group shared its milestones and presented its current and future activities. Lastly, with the IEEE Foundation and MOVE USA, we had the pleasure to speak about the MOVE Puerto Rico objectives and our next steps. ” Extract

To see the whole article, please click this link: Newsletter_June_MOVE_Puerto_Rico

To read the complete Newsletter, please click this link: MOVE USA Newsletter June 2022


IEEE MOVE in Puerto Rico Tech Talk presented on May 19, 2022 by Loderay Bracero Marrero.

Summary: Great overview of the IEEE MOVE work being done in Puerto Rico. The MOVE Puerto Rico team is going beyond power and communications to assist the Red Cross with training and support. They are completing lots of training and have already deployed to a disaster.

Recorded Video link

Loderay Bracero Marrero has been a member of IEEE and the Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society (GRSS) for five years. Currently, she is an active volunteer in Puerto Rico and Caribbean Section. She works as the Mobile Outreach Program coordinator (MOVE) in the Puerto Rico chapter. She also volunteers at the Red Cross Puerto Rico chapter.

Loderay is a Ph.D. candidate in the Environmental Sciences Department at the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus, and has worked as a GIS Analyst and archaeology technician.



IEEE-MOVE International Puerto Rico (Info-session webinar)

*In this webinar we will be explaining the work we have done as IEEE in the United States and Puerto Rico. Likewise, we will guide how other members can join this initiative. Live presentation recorded on Tuesday march 1, 2022.*


First Deployment of IEEE MOVE Puerto Rico (Short Video) 

We want to thank our volunteers who were deployed assisting the cities who suffered floods the weekend of February 4-6 in Puerto Rico.

If you would like to become part of IEEE MOVE Puerto Rico send us an email at: [email protected].


MOVE Volunteer Newsletter

November 2021

Since March 2020 the team in Puerto Rico and Caribbean Section that is currently promoting the MOVE International efforts in the island, led by Jenifer Castillo and Loderay Bracero, began their path to become Red Cross volunteers and to identify what could be needed in this area to respond after an eventual disaster Puerto Rico is an island that historically has been subjected to high hurricane activity, but after Hurricane Maria in 2017 it became clear that IEEE could expand the MOVE program in this area.

The next step is the communication portion For this, the team has already the support of local ham operators, for the tests of two new technologies to form a communications grid in the island, that will enable the volunteers to get in contact from different points of Puerto Rico, which will work even when other communications in the island are down Taking advantage of the agreement that Red Cross and IEEE already had, the alignment of the efforts of Red Cross Puerto Rico and IEEE PRC was fluent, and currently, all 8 volunteers have a volunteering position in the Red Cross Beside the human resources.

IEEE wants to have a kit that enables the volunteers to support the efforts of the RC during these situations The design of the kit that would provide power aid is ready, thanks to the support Mike Wilson, procurement is in process All the process and results will be consolidated in a formal procedure that will enable IEEE to replicate and escalate it as needed The initial funding of the program is coming from IEEE NIC (New Initiatives Committee), and also supported by IEEE Region 9 and the sustainability of the program from that point on, will be subjected to donations to it through the IEEE Foundation through the IEEE International MOVE Fund.

IEEE Puerto Rico and Caribbean Section Link:

Volunteer Signup / Resources

We are currently seeking volunteers to join our team. Disaster relief, STEM education, and public visibility are our main focus at this time.

  • Volunteer Interest Form – Click HERE to Sign Up to Volunteer.