MOVE Volunteer Newsletter
An IEEE USA Initiative
November 2021

Puerto Rico and Caribbean
By Jenifer Castillo

Since March 2020 the team in Puerto Rico and Caribbean Section that is currently promoting the MOVE International efforts in the island, led by Jenifer Castillo and Loderay Bracero, began their path to become Red Cross volunteers and to identify what could be needed in this area to respond after an eventual disaster Puerto Rico is an island that historically has been subjected to high hurricane activity, but after Hurricane Maria in 2017 it became clear that IEEE could expand the MOVE program in this area.

The next step is the communication portion For this, the team has already the support of local ham operators, for the tests of two new technologies to form a communications grid in the island, that will enable the volunteers to get in contact from different points of Puerto Rico, which will work even when other communications in the island are down Taking advantage of the agreement that Red Cross and IEEE already had, the alignment of the efforts of Red Cross Puerto Rico and IEEE PRC was fluent, and currently, all 8 volunteers have a volunteering position in the Red Cross Beside the human resources.

IEEE wants to have a kit that enables the volunteers to support the efforts of the RC during these situations The design of the kit that would provide power aid is ready, thanks to the support Mike Wilson, procurement is in process All the process and results will be consolidated in a formal procedure that will enable IEEE to replicate and escalate it as needed The initial funding of the program is coming from IEEE NIC (New Initiatives Committee), and also supported by IEEE Region 9 and the sustainability of the program from that point on, will be subjected to donations to it through the IEEE Foundation through the IEEE International MOVE Fund.

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