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Innovative Propulsion Packages for a New Transportation Era

July 12, 2022 @ 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm

A better world demands a new revolution in transportation. Energy conservation remains a number one priority for the Automotive/Rail industry and the welfare of the public. The seminar presents some new revolutionary energy conservation technologies that are changing the equation of the new Transportation world, setting new standards in total vehicle performance and sustainable mobility. Built for the four cornerstones of energy, efficiency, economy, and ecology, environmentally products are easily customized to any traction for optimized energy use and minimized energy waste, which means solid new benefits for automotive, rail, and aerospace industries. Revolutionary transportation products are a set of new technologies, are combined to maximize energy, efficiency, economy, and ecology-to the benefits of our environment. The seminar will present a brief introduction to the field and four industry first technologies; – Automotive/Rail design philosophy, which provide informative details about recent trends in academia and industry, design aspects, strategy, energy conversion standards and key technology. – Typhoon Hardware-in-the-loop Rapid Prototyping, the only tool on the market, which enables operators to simulate and then optimize the energy consumption for complete transport systems, without the need to build it. Saving time and associated cost. Sponsored by NSERC & GM – The Hybrid Hydrogen Powered Rail, leading the industry by providing the only drive system for Hybrid rail car in the 660 kW class already in conformity today with the new US and European emission guidelines. The Hybrid Hydrogen systems leads to a reduction in particulate emissions of 87 per cent. Sponsored by Transport Canada & Go Train. – Onboard/wayside Revolutionary Converters, the leading regenerative braking system for light rail vehicles, which delivers energy savings of up to 45 Novel Traction packages are prototyped. Sponsored by NSERC & inMotive. – ALPS or Hypeloop system, the world’s first system to enable rail type vehicles to travel with aerospace like velocities. Cutting the travel time between Montreal and Canada to 45 minutes. Sponsored by Transport Canada. One of those technologies will be highlighted in detail through the seminar. Future research will be wide broad and grants will be supported by “Going for Green” direction from the government agencies, revenue-service transit authorities, and transportation corporations. Co-sponsored by: PES/IES/IAS/PEL IEEE Montreal Chapters Speaker(s): Mohamed Z. Youssef, Ph.D, P.Eng, SMIEEE, Room: 3012, Bldg: D, ÉTS, 1100, rue Notre-Dame Ouest, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, H3C 1K3