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Integrated multi-wavelength lasers : design, control and applications

April 27, 2023 @ 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm

Multi-wavelength lasers have emerged as a promising solution for a range of applications: from sensing to high-frequency signal generation or all-optical processing. For instance, they are an appealing solution to generate mm-wave or THz signals: besides the reduce footprint or the lack of required alignment, the coupling between modes leads to lower noise level. However, lasing is still a “winner takes it all” process, thus simultaneous emission at multiple wavelengths can be a challenging target to reach. A rather careful design or a precise control mechanism are typically required. In this talk, I will briefly review demonstrated schemes to implement multi-wavelength lasers on Photonic ICs, with a particular focus on laser designs compatible with (active) generic foundry platforms. I will discuss the difficult trade-off between flexibility, tunability and stability, and highlight the approach we chose relying on a phase-controlled optical feedback loop. Finally, I will present some of our recent results exploiting such multi-wavelength lasers for new applications such as spectral multiplication of frequency combs and wavelength conversion. Speaker(s): Martin Virte, Room: MC603, Bldg: McConnell Engineering building, 3480 University Street, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, H3A 0E9