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Series Finale: Grand Q&A Session


IEEE YP Professional Development Series: Part 10 The Professional Development Series is a 10-part series of online seminars which aims at presenting and discussing career opportunities and pathways in the engineering profession, with presenters coming from a wide range of backgrounds across Canada and the world. In Part 10, to close the series, Joseph Botros along with some of the presenters will be holding a Q&A session where listeners can ask any question regarding any of the topics discussed in this series. Virtual:

Career planning as an Antidote to a Competitive Job market

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Virtual:

Join us for a bonus session in our Professional Development Series: "Career planning as an Antidote to a Competitive Job market" with David Lafferty and Karim Abuawad on August 13th at 1pm In this presentation, both speakers will discuss how to make career plan to help people find jobs in todays competitive job market. Speaker(s): David Lafferty, Karim Abuawad Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Virtual:

BCOOL: A Novel Blockchain Congestion Control Architecture Using Dynamic Service Function Chaining and Machine Learning for Next Generation Vehicular Networks

Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Virtual:

This talk will present the first, novel, dynamic, resilient, and consistent Blockchain COngestion ContrOL (BCOOL) system for vehicular networks that fills the gap of trustworthy Blockchain congestion prediction systems. BCOOL relies on the heterogeneity of Machine Learning, Software-Defined Networks and Network Function Virtualization that is customized in three hybrid cloud/edge-based On/Offchain smart contract modules and ruled by an efficient and reliable communication protocol. BCOOL's first novel module aims at managing message and vehicle trustworthiness using a novel, dynamic and hybrid Blockchain Fog-based Distributed Trust Contract Strategy (FDTCS). The second novel module accurately and proactively predicts the occurrence of congestion, ahead of time, using a novel Hybrid On/Off-Chain Multiple Linear Regression Software-defined Contract Strategy (HOMLRCS). This module presents a virtualization facility layer to the third novel K-means/Random Forest-based On/Off-Chain Dynamic Service Function Chaining Contract Strategy (KRF-ODSFCS) that dynamically, securely and proactively predicts VNF placements and their chaining order in the context of SFCs w.r.t users' dynamic QoS priority demands. This talk will demonstrate how BCOOL exhibits a linear complexity and a strong resilience to failures. Using simulation results I will show that BCOOL outperforms the next best comparable strategies by 80% and 100% reliability and efficiency gains in challenging data congestion environments. I will also show how BCOOL performance yields to fast, reliable and accurate congestion prediction decisions, ahead of time, and how it optimizes transaction validation processing time. Globally, the Byzantine resilience, complexity and attack mitigation strategies along with simulation results proved that BCOOL securely predicts the congestion and provides real-time monitoring, fast and accurate SFC deployment decisions while lowering both capital and operational expenditures (CAPEX/OPEX) costs. Speaker(s): Dr. Saida Maaroufi, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Virtual: