Digital versus Analog Battle: Massive-MIMO versus Passive multibeam


5G requires higher data throughput due to higher numbers of users and devices, applications, and data rates. Adding the spatial domain using beamforming or Massive MIMO (MIMO) offers another resource to boost capacity. Beamforming antennas dynamically shape their main beam and null directions according to the location of their connected users and effectively reduce interference by improving the signal-to-interference-and-noise ratio and delivering a significantly better end-user experience. In this talk, multibeam antennas and M-MIMO basics and structures are discussed. Pros and cons of the two technologies will be addressed. The two technologies are compared from beam quality aspects and, as a result, capacity promises and limits. Applications of two technologies for 5G are compared for both FDD and TDD systems. Registration: Speaker: Sadegh Farzaneh VP Engineering Galtronics Infrastructure President of Galtronics Canada Ltd. Speaker(s): Dr. Sadegh Farzaneh, Virtual: