About the IEEE MOVE Radio Club

The IEEE MOVE Amateur Radio Club was formed in March 2021 to support the radio enthusiasts of the IEEE MOVE Project. The club call sign is W4MOV.  Regular membership is open to IEEE members who are licensed amateur radio operators. Associate membership is open to anyone with an interest.  Meetings are online on the 3rd Wednesday of every month at 8 PM Eastern time. Connection details are inside the MOVE Radio Club Workspace on Collabratec and meeting details are on vTools.


The IEEE MOVE Radio Club’s vision is to support radio communications during disasters, focusing on IEEE MOVE deployed teams. We will train our members and partner agencies on the latest technologies to provide disaster communications.


The IEEE MOVE Radio Club will support disaster communications with deployed MOVE teams and other agencies as appropriate. The club will determine a set of radio communication tools and procedures, educate and train members on using these tools and procedures, and utilize these tools and procedures during disasters to collect and relay critical information to and from the disaster area(s). The club will interface with other organizations as appropriate to provide the best possible solution and support.

Present Officers

  • Chair: Andy Moorwood, K3CAQ
  • Vice Chair: Jay Diepenbrock, KM4EP
  • Secretary: Dave Green, WB4KSL
  • Trustee: David Wright, W4LMW
  • Member at Large: David Sewell, K0DHS
  • Member at Large: Steve Kemp, KX4EF
  • MOVE Representative: Grayson Randall, N2VIE
  • MOVE Representative: Mark Torres, KQ4IYK

Current as of 17 May 2024

Committee Chairs

  • N&A: Grayson Randall, N2VIE
  • Radio (Equipment & Operations)
    • MOVE-1: Bill Torre, W9QEM
    • MOVE-2: Tad Taylor
    • MOVE-3: Gerry Ourada (Interim)
  • Deployment Support Chair: Kathleen Tokuda, KV4YM,
  • IMRC Training Chair: Fred Curtis, KI6GRO


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