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When does the club meet?

It presently meets on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 8 pm Eastern time (America/New_York).

What is going on now?

There are several activities: regular informative meetings and incorporating the activities that were part of the Radio Team.  We are also refining the deployment support model with a Net Monitor maintained cloud log, and use of Google Chat in addition to DMR.  Lots of group learning and sharing continue to be the norm.

I live in Puerto Rico (or New Delhi, India, or Rochester, MN). Presently MOVE does not appear to be operating here. Should I join? What value can I add/derive by becoming a member and participating?

Joining the club would be worthwhile for camaraderie with other IEEE hams and training in new technologies and emergency communications. The training is valuable, independent of the MOVE truck (or its mini-MOVE spin-offs), given an interest in helping others and understanding that disasters occur everywhere. You may also find the club’s activities and members’ experiences helpful if and when you design and deploy your equipment, in whatever form it might take. DMR and digital modes are certainly popular everywhere, and other subjects like NVIS are universal, whether used for disaster communications or other applications.